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mamixanxer: Aku ancur terus miskin2
Wongtelada: MANTAP 72 JP MASAL
UGOK: Pripon kabare rek... .deal.
hello, pls. visit http://thunderwap.tk , thanks!!
ph Philippines
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hi its moonlyt,hope il get more hits thank you!
zz Reserved
Op/9.80 (J2ME/MIDP;...
to create ur own site logo visit http://osazeworld.tk/waptutorial/tool_1.html click logo maker to create urs.
ng Nigeria
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Adeniyi to use random links , first create a folder in ur root directory. Then create text files in the folder. You name ur text file as you want. Then add your link in the text file. Note : only 1 link in each text file. Eg : <a href=http://url here>name</a> You can also add image links. And after you finish use dis code to display it. <xt id=\"include\" file=\"/folder/*\"/> you can add the code to any part of your page. Note : you can rename \"folder\" to ur own, but always add \"*\" just as
ng Nigeria
Op/9.80 (J2ME/MIDP;...
za South Africa
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